Employee Benefits

  1. AFLAC Insurance

    View information about the basics of the AFLAC insurance coverage that is available to employees.

  2. Dental Insurance

    Obtain information about the dental insurance that is offered.

  3. Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    Peruse information about the Employee Assistance Program.

  4. Flexible Compensation

    Learn about the flexible compensation benefit for employees.

  5. Health Club Membership

    Obtain information about the health club and how to become a member.

  6. Leave Time Benefits

    Peruse information about leave time and the rate at which it is given.

  7. Life Insurance

    Learn about the life insurance policies that the county offers its employees.

  8. Medical Insurance

    Find information about the medical insurance coverage that is provided to employees.

  9. Direct Path

    More information about the Patient Care service for employees.

  10. Premiums

    Review through the premium shares of employees and when an employee qualifies for a different share.

  11. Retirement

    Learn about retirement benefits offered to employees.

  12. Vision Insurance

    Gather information about insurance benefits for vision.

  13. Workers' Compensation Insurance

    View information about workers compensation.