Resolution Process

It is a mutual obligation on the part of administrative, supervisory, and non-supervisory employees of Gunnison County to provide efficient and continuous services to the public.

Employee morale is an important factor in maintaining a high level of public service, and administration has a responsibility to provide an orderly and expeditious method for resolving problems, which may arise from working relationships and conditions. 

Qualifying Actions
Actions for which the complaint resolution process can be accessed include but are not limited to:
  • Any allegation of discrimination based on age (40 and over), race, sex, color, religion, national origin, disability, genetic information, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or any other status protected by federal, state or local law
  • Employment practices that effect job performance and/or work environment, but do not rise to the level of a disciplinary action taken
  • Harassment, including sexual harassment, which is affecting job performance
  • Problems with a job relationship
  • Suspensions; disciplinary reductions in pay
  • Violation or inappropriate application of personnel policies, processes or procedures; rules or regulations
Non-Qualifying Actions
Actions which are not eligible to access the complaint resolution process:
  • Assignment of duties, work schedule, or reassignment of work site
  • Board of County Commissioner’s official actions, decisions, or policies
  • Change in employee status
  • Content and structure of the classification and compensation plan including but not limited to: establishment and revision of wages or salaries, position classification, or general benefits
  • Content of ordinances, resolutions, statutes or these Gunnison County personnel policies, processes, procedures, rules, or regulations
  • Designation of administrative leave
  • Failure to promote
  • Non-disciplinary discharge, demotion, or layoff made because of lack of work, reduction in workforce, or job elimination
  • Oral reprimands, warnings, counseling, or written warnings
  • Performance evaluations
  • Workers’ compensation and unemployment claims