Electronic Communications

Electronic Outlets
Gunnison County has established policies with regard to access and disclosure of electronic communications created, sent, or received by Gunnison County employees and elected officials using the county's electronic communications systems.

This includes telephone, voice mail, electronic mail, social networking, internet, file transfer, telnet, or any other electronic communication between two or more pieces of equipment, whether or not the message is converted to hard copy format after receipt and whether or not the message is viewed upon transmission or stored for later retrieval. 

The electronic communications systems are purchased and maintained by Gunnison County and provided to employees and elected officials to assist them in the conduct of Gunnison County business. The electronic communications systems permit employees and elected officials to communicate with each other internally and with outside individuals and agencies.

County Property
The electronic communications systems hardware and software are county property. Additionally, all messages composed, sent, or received on the electronic communications systems are and remain the property of the county.

Employees and elected officials do not have a personal property right in any matter created, received, or sent from the electronic communications systems.

Record retention of public records applies to all records, including those that exist in electronic media. It is the goal of Gunnison County to take any measures necessary to assist the public in locating and viewing any specific electronic records unless such records are specifically exempted from disclosure by state or federal statute, by court order, or unless disclosure of such records would be contrary to the public interest. Thus, all records, including those of elected officials, are subject to public disclosure.

Disciplinary Action
Violation of any policy will be reason for discipline up to and including termination.