Legalization makes the conversation more complicated…but you still need to have it.  

 Kids whose parents talk to them about the dangers and consequences of drug use are more likely to choose not to use.

This video is an introduction to Marijuana -- Marijuana 101.  It's important to know about the plant and substances within the plant.

Start the Conversation and Keep it Going

Just like alcohol, marijuana is illegal for kids to consume or use- in any way- until the age of 21. And while it is illegal for them, it does not mean that your kids are not watching your use. Children, from birth through early adulthood, watch and often mimic parent actions- both for better and for worse. 

So take control! Talk to your kids about your use and your household expectations. The conversation you have with a 6 year old will look different from the conversations you have when your child is in high school. Start the conversation young to build open and honest communication with your kids.

An excellent resource on how these evolving conversations may look can be found at Speak Now Colorado.