Drinking Water

Drinking Water Information

Private well water quality is not regulated. Providing safe drinking water from a private well is the responsibility of the well owner. For more information, read the below publications, or upload the Gunnison Private Well Owner Brochure.

• “Protecting Your Private Well”, published by Colorado State University Extension.

• “Drinking Water from Household Wells”, from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. 

The two publications above address the following topics:

·  Groundwater quality and potential contaminants

·  Naturally occurring sources of pollution

·  Installing a new well

·  Well location and setbacks

·  How to protect your ground water supply

·  Well construction and maintenance

·  Abandoned wells

·  Water testing

·  Interpreting your water test result

·  FAQs about well water quality

The following are Western Slope laboratories certified to test drinking water:

Enviro-Chem Analytical: 685 West Gunnison Ave, Grand Junction, CO. 970-242-6154

City of Gunnison Wastewater Treatment Plant: 524 County Road 32, Gunnison, CO. 970-641-8042

Mesa County Health Department Regional Laboratory: 510 29.5 Road Grand Junction, CO 970-248-6999

If you would like contact information for other laboratories, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) maintains a list of ALL certified drinking water laboratories.