Coroner's Office


The mission of the Coroner's Office is to provide investigation, identification, communication and record keeping services to the Gunnison County community and the relatives of the deceased so they can have the manner and cause of unexpected and unattended deaths determined in a timely manner.


The Coroner's Office is a statutory office, which investigates all sudden, unexpected, and/or unattended deaths in Gunnison County, including all municipalities located therein. The coroner's duties include:

  • Identification of deceased
  • Notification to family
  • Determination of how, when, and by what means the person met their death
  • Determination of whether it was natural, accidental, homicidal, or suicidal

The coroner works with law enforcement and medical professionals and emergency services personnel, but the coroner is the only investigator who works exclusively for the deceased to obtain the truth about their death.