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The mission of the Community and Economic Development Department is to provide land use, building and environmental health services to property owners, developers and all community members so they can achieve a balance of economic development and environmental protection.

The Gunnison County Community and Economic Development Department includes:

  • Current Planning (land use permitting)
  • Oil and Gas Projects
  • Long Range Planning
  • Building
  • Environmental Health
  • Licensing -Marijuana Cultivation, Manufacturing, and Testing

All applications for Land Use Changes, building and septic permits may be submitted by email to

Staff will work to process and review your applications and will work with you and your design professionals to achieve a proposed plan that is in compliance with the building, septic, and land use regulations. Building and septic permits will be issued electronically through email and payment will be accepted by either electronic check or by credit card. Please know there is a $1 fee for electronic checks and the additional fee for credit card charges is 2.25% plus 75 cents.

Regulations and Guidelines

Link to Regulations and Guidelines information

Department Responsibilities

The department is primarily responsible for: Ensuring that land uses within the county are developed and maintained in compliance with the county’s adopted codes and regulations.  Overseeing permit reviews for those uses. Issuing building permits, on-site wastewater treatment system permits, land use change permits, and a variety of other more specialized permits. Providing professional consulting, facilitation, and code development services to the county to create a high performing, prosperous, interconnected community.

Permit Database

Link to Permit Database information

Property Inquiry 

Please email you questions to:  and please include the parcel number and your questions.  

Commissions Facilitated by Community Development

Information about these volunteer groups that includes minutes, agendas and lists of current members. The Community Development Department provides the staffing for each of these groups:

One Valley Prosperity Project

OVPP Website            Helpful Links          Watch Video

Community Builders Task Force 

Link to Community Builders Task Force information

Public Hearings

Link to Public Hearing information