Redeemed Properties


If the property is redeemed, you will be paid the amount of your bid, accrued interest, at the rate of interest stated in the Deed of Trust and Note being foreclosed, plus reasonable costs and fees, receipts must be supplied,) as provided in 38-38-107 C.R.S. and as included in your redemption statement.

Thereafter, upon written request and payment of the required fees, the Public Trustee's Office will issue a Confirmation Deed to convey title to the last redeeming party.

No Notice of Intent to Redeem

For foreclosures started before September 9, 2012, if no Notice of Intent to Redeem is filed and no redemption is made by anyone, you must request, in writing, that our office issue your Confirmation Deed. You must pay a $30 fee for issuance of the deed plus recording costs.

The Confirmation Deed shall be issued by the public trustee and recorded with the Clerk and Recorder's Office. For foreclosures started after September 1, 2012, the Confirmation Deed will automatically be issued. If you are the grantee of that deed, you will then have ownership of the property.