Life Insurance

Basic Coverage

Gunnison County offers basic term life insurance coverage with Lincoln Financial. Coverage is $10,000 for the employee, $5,000 for the spouse and $2,000 for any eligible dependent(s).

Coverage is adjusted downward at age 65 and again at age 70 and 75. It is possible to convert to an individual policy if leaving employment with Gunnison County.

Supplementary Life Insurance

Supplementary Life Insurance is also available. Guaranteed amount $100,000 for employee up to $500,000 with underwriting. Guaranteed amount of $30,000 for spouse up to $150,000 with underwriting. The spouse can only be insured for 50% of the elected employee coverage.

Premiums vary depending on age and coverage.

When Coverage Begins

Coverage will not begin until premiums are deducted from County paycheck.

More Information & Forms

For more information and forms, visit the life insurance section of employee forms.

Lincoln Financial Group Privacy Practices Notice 

View the Lincoln Financial Group Privacy Practices Notice (PDF).