Outdoor Vending Permit


The sale of goods other than from a farm or ranch stand from an open stand, push cart, vehicle, or an outdoor site, but not from a permanent building, is permitted as an accessory use in Gunnison County.

An applicant is required to obtain an Outdoor Vending Permit (PDF) from the Community Development Department, and to comply with the following requirements; the permit is issued for a period of 150 consecutive days for each one-year period.


Outdoor vending is limited to the sale of food or beverages for immediate consumption. No food or drink may be sold except as allowed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environmental Consumer Protection Division.

Standards for Outdoor Vending Operation

An outdoor vending operation is required to:

  • Have owner's permission: Locate on property owned or leased by the vendor or at a location for which notarized written permission to operate the business has been obtained from the property owner. A copy of the permission shall be submitted to the Community Development Department.
  • Not located in a roadway or right-of-way: Not located within any road or highway right-of-way, driveway or aisleway, within 35 feet of a residential property boundary, within a required setback, or in any parking spaces. An outdoor vendor shall not obstruct pedestrian or vehicular traffic, or obstruct motorists' vision.
  • Advertising: Any signs advertising an outdoor vending operation shall comply with Section 13-109: Signs.
  • Adequate parking: If necessary because the vending requires parking of vehicles, and the proposed site has no existing parking, the applicant shall be responsible for providing an area of the site that complies with the requirements of Section 13-110: Off-Road Parking and Loading and the minimum distances listed in Appendix Table 3: Off-Road Parking Requirements.
    • Customers shall be provided space to safely pull off the road and park without causing congestion or hazards either to themselves or to traffic. Parking spaces shall not be located so vehicles can back directly onto a public road other than an alley.
  • Trash control: Where an outdoor vendor is distributing products that may result in trash, such as food in disposable containers, the outdoor vendor shall provide trash containers and make adequate provision for trash control and removal. The outdoor vending site shall be maintained by the vendor in a clean and sanitary condition.
  • Sewage disposal: Use of any facilities for sewage collection and gray water disposal shall comply with the Gunnison County Individual Sewage Disposal System Regulations.
  • Business license: The applicant shall secure any necessary licenses, and pay any fees required by the Gunnison County Clerk and Recorder Office to operate the business.
  • Fees: The fee for an Outdoor Vending Permit is included in a schedule of fees charged for permits issued by the Community Development Department, which are set by the Board of Commissioners.