Land Use Resolution


The regulation which governs most land development in the unincorporated areas of Gunnison County. Gunnison County established zoning in the early 1960's, then abandoned zoning to adopt a "performance-based" (or "form-based") land use regulation in 1978, the Gunnison County Land Use Resolution. 

The Gunnison County Land Use Resolution (PDF) evaluates applications on their ability to mitigate the impacts they create, based on locational, design, infrastructure, and resource protection standards.

Guidelines for Reviewing Land Use Change Permit Applications Within the Gunnison Three-Mile Area

Gunnison County and the City of Gunnison have adopted an intergovernmental agreement (PDF) concerning land uses within the three-mile area outside the city limits of Gunnison.

The agreement required that the county's review of Land Use Change Permit applications proposed within that three-mile area include a defined review by the city. While the city does not have "veto power" over those applications, its review and recommendation carries significant weight in the county's review. The two planning commissions, in July, 2003, defined and agreed to a review process.