Consumer Protection

The Colorado Consumer Protection Division protects Colorado residents and visitors by preventing an array of health hazards.

The division will....

  • Assists consumers with complaints
  • Consults with regulated industries, communities, organizations, and individuals
  • Coordinate consumer protection activities with local, state, and federal agencies
  • Help control insects, rodents, and other vectors of animal borne diseases
  • Institute corrective actions for recognized public hazards in the marketplace
  • Monitor food, milk, drugs, and medical devices
  • Regulate consumer products and household substances
  • Regulate correctional facilities and schools
  • Regulate day care centers
  • Regulate food preparation environments such as restaurants, food manufacturers, and processing plants
  • Regulate, reviews, and investigates foods

State of Colorado Restaurant Inspections

Visit the Health & Human Services Consumer Protection page by clicking here. You can also Email Jenn Chavez, our Consumer Protection Specialist, or call the Health & Human Services department at (970) 641-3244 to contact our Consumer Protection department.

To report "Food Poisoning" call (303) 692-3645.


Public health concerns about daycare centers, grocery stores, and schools may be directed to the division by calling (303) 692-3620, Faxing to (303) 753-6809, or by mail to the below address.

Colorado Consumer Protection Division
4300 Cherry Creek Drive S.
Denver, CO 80246