On-Site Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) Permits


Use the list below to find the appropriate application for your project. All applications must be emailed here as PDF documents. You can choose to fill them out using the fillable PDF format or completing them by hand and scanning them into PDF format.


OWTS Regulations (PDF)

Permit & Cost

Colorado and county regulations require that a permit be issued by the Environmental Health Office before a property owner constructs or repairs a septic system. The costs associated for OWTS permits are listed in the OWTS Permit Application (PDF).

Legal Lot & Lot Sizes

Also check the records of your property to ensure that you have a legal lot.
Using Legal Lot Information link you can begin to determine if your lot was legally created. Additionally, check that the minimum lot size of 1 acre is met in order to install an OWT System and that the lot is one contiguous parcel.

Additional Resources

  • Septic Smart Education Materials is a comprehensive resource for homeowners regarding septic systems. It includes videos, brochures, quick tips, and more.  
  • "Principles and Design of Onsite Waste Disposal with Septic Systems" is a downloadable software program available from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that teaches the basics of on-site treatment using diagrams and animations of septic tanks, drain fields, mounds, water conservation. Covers principles of treatment, design, and siting, as well as soil basics and water conservation.