Mosquito Assessment

Gunnison County operates a mosquito control program in the south central portion of the county. Improved properties within the district are assessed an annual fee to help fund the program. If you own property that is assessed the mosquito fee, the amount will be itemized on the annual property tax statement you receive from the County Treasurer. For 2020, the mosquito district fee structure is as follows:

  • Residential property: $14.22 per unit (each individual dwelling on a property counts as one unit; so, for example, a four unit apartment building would be assessed four units).
  • Agricultural property: agricultural residences are assessed on the same basis as other residential units; an agricultural property with outbuildings only or no structures at all is not assessed the fee.
  • Commercial property: $14.22 per property (a property is only assessed the fee if it includes at least one structure that would typically have human occupancy on a day-to-day basis).
  • Lodging property: $4.86 per unit (each hotel/motel room or RV hookup counts as one unit; so, for example, a 60 room motel would be assessed 60 units).
  • Vacant land: unimproved property is not assessed the fee.

If you want to know whether your property is inside the mosquito control district, or how many units you are being assessed, please contact the Assessor’s Office - (970) 641-1085. If you have general questions or concerns about the mosquito control program itself, please contact the County Administration Office - (970) 641-7600.