Children will be cavity free at 3

As a Council we will: 

A. Engage all types of prenatal providers in education of pregnant women and families with children on prenatal, infant, and young child dental care.

-Identify providers who work with pregnant women

-Contact providers and encourage increase in education, offer free educational materials, various engagement techniques used.


-Offer Cavity Free @ 3 Training

B. Engage dental and health care providers in planning for systemic changes to offer a “Well Child Dental Check” at or close to age 1 year.

1. Engage a Dental professional as a “Champion”.

2. Plan and hold a meeting with local dentists and hygienists to explore feasibility and create plan.

3. Assist dentists and/or health care providers in implementing a plan for well child Dental Check.

4. Educate Healthcare providers and/or dental health providers to refer and recommend patients to participate in programming.