Choice Pass Drug Testing Protocol, Accountability and Broken Pledge

Choice Pass Broken Pledge Protocol

The following protocol will be followed by the Choice Pass Program Coordinator and Committee in the event that a Choice Pass Holder has broken his/her pledge to remain drug and alcohol free. A broken pledge may be identified in one or more of the following ways: student admission, documented use shared between involved entities (RE1J, Gunnison PD, or Juvenile Services), parents, GCSAPP, and/or monthly drug testing.

*Beginning in 2017 GCSAPP is outsourcing some of our drug testing. For more specifics, read the following document:



Step 1: Throughout the school year, GCSAPP will administer monthly drug tests to randomly selected Choice Pass Holders at each RE1J location (Crested Butte Community School, Gunnison Middle School, and Gunnison High School). If test comes back negative for all 6 drugs no further action is necessary.

Step 2: If test comes back positive for any of the 6 drugs, give a re-test that same day. Before re-test, let student know what he/she came back positive for and ask if they want to share any information. If student denies using the substance in question move to Step 3. If student admits to using substances skip to Step 4.

Step 3: If re-test is negative, no further action is necessary. If re-test is positive, ask student again if they have any information to share. If student admits to using, move to step 4. If student denies using, explain that you must follow protocol and go to step 4. If student still denies use, he//she can choose to:

  1. Complete a local urine analysis for a confirmation or another for form of testing.
  2. Provide proof of prescription medication that is shown to produce positive test results.
  3. Move immediately to Step 4.

Step 4: Put a hold on the student's Choice Pass by completing the following steps:

  • Take student's name off of the GCSAPP Choice Pass Master List
  • Contact CBMR to put a hold on the student's ski pass
  • Collect the student's Choice Pass ID card so perks at local businesses are no longer active.

Step 5: Schedule a conference with student and his/her parent/guardian. An adult translator must be provided if the parent is a non-native English speaker. This meeting should happen as soon after the drug test as possible. Explain that student's Choice Pass is put on hold.

The conference, using a Restorative Practices model, will include:

  • Review of 'what happened'
  • Identifying the 'harms' to them individually, to their family, to their community and peers
  • Educating on substance consequences and honest dialog
  • Creating a 'contract' that when fulfilled, would earn the pass back – or not - a plan of prevention.
  • Contract would be created by student to address and repair the harms of the experience.

Step 6: After student has completed the obligations outlined in the contract congratulate them and re-activate their Choice Pass (see Step 4 above).

Protocol for focusing on student accountability and substance use:

  1. Communicate to students that if they have used a substance and have been randomly selected for a drug/alcohol screen to be honest about it.
  2. If they are honest about their use and willing to have a conversation with me about it they lose their Choice Pass for 1 week instead of 2 weeks. They would also have to completed the following:
    • They can earn it back in a week if they recommit to the pledge.
    • Take a second drug test – with enough time to show they are clean (for example THC may be in their system longer.
    • Come up with healthy coping skills and ways to get out of situations when they are likely to use a substance to keep their Choice Pass.
    • Identify a support system to help them.
    • Identify what healthy choices are important to them in order to stay substance free.

Substance Use Accountability Action Plan - English (PDF)!

Substance Use Accountability Action Plan - Spanish (PDF)!

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