Short-term Rentals

Sales and Local Marketing District Taxes

If you own short-term lodging units, any rental of a unit for less than 30 consecutive days is taxable and you are required to collect and remit sales tax. [§39-26-104 (1) (f) and 39-26-102 (11), C.R.S.] Below are resources to help you navigate the rules and responsibilities:

Collecting Local Marketing District Taxes

The 4.00% Gunnison County Local Marketing District Tax is levied on lodging establishments. Generally, if you rent rooms and accommodations to customers for less than 30 day periods, a local marketing district tax should charged to the customer. This includes lodging provided by hotels and motels, as well as condominium rentals and space rentals. This tax is remitted quarterly to the Department of Revenue on the "Local Marketing District Tax Return" (DR 1490).

Personal Property Taxes

Residential improved property, used for short term rentals, does not lose its residential assessment rate. The commercial assessment rate would apply only if the property were to be exclusively rented short term (i.e. bed and breakfast with no owner’s quarters). However, any property that is rented for profit, regardless of the duration of the rental, is subject to personal property taxes. For more information on personal property taxes or valuation assessment, please contact the Assessor’s Office at 970-641-1085 or view the State of Colorado brochure (PDF)State of Colorado - Sales Taxes Due on Unit Rentals of Hotels, Motels, Bed-and-Breakfasts, Condominiums, and Time-Shares (PDF).