Building Contractor Licensing

The Gunnison County Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) adopted a Building Contractor licensing program January 18th, 2022. The BoCC approved the program with Resolution 2022-02, recorded at reception number 682504.  BOCC Resolution 2022-02 Builder Contractor Licensing.  The resolution contains the Gunnison County, CO. license requirements including contractor licensing fees for building contractors.

  1. Anyone performing work as a Building Contractor in Gunnison County is required to obtain a Building Contractor License for any building permits issued after February 1st, 2023. The testing will be conducted through the ICC. (ICC)- International Code Council Web Link
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County Contractor Exam

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County Contractor License Application

To apply for your contractor license, please click here.

List of Licensed Contractors

Click on the link for an up to date list of Gunnison County Licensed Contractors.

  1. Application Requirements
  2. License Terms
  3. Definitions

Application Requirements Include

  1. No person shall perform work as a Building Contractor for which a Building Permit is required under the County Building Code without first having obtained the required Building Contractor licenses.
  2. Gunnison County shall not issue to any person any Building Permit until the required Building Contractor Licenses has been issued to the person undertaking the work; Exceptions shall be made for those persons exempt, as listed in Section 2 of the regulations.
  3. The Department shall provide, and applicant shall, at a minimum, include the following:
    1. Applicant name and contact information;
    2. Type of license being applied for;
    3. Verification that the applicant holds the required certification from the International Code Council for the class of Building Contractor License being applied for;
    4. Proof of current insurance coverage, including:
      • Worker's Compensation Insurance as required by the State of Colorado;
      • General Liability insurance with a minimum combined single limit for each occurrence of one million and 00/100 dollars ($1,000,000.00)