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Gunnison County Tobacco Education and Prevention Project (GCTEPP)

The GCTEPP provides resources and support for individuals, families, worksites, and communities in Gunnison County. Prevention services include access, support, and education for:

  • Free Quite Help and Cessation Resources
  • Tobacco Prevention and Education Resources
  • Tobacco - free and/or Smoke Free Policies
  • Worksite Wellness related to Tobacco


GCTEPP's goal is to reduce the number of tobacco related diseases and deaths in Gunnison County. We work to prevent youth and adults from initiating use of tobacco products, support cessation, education, and help prevent the communities exposure to secondhand smoke. All of GCTEPP's services are FREE. You can contact Kyle Tibbett by calling (970) 641-3244 or Email Kyle directly.

Be Careful What You Pass Down

Upcoming Events

The Gunnison Consortium has recently created a local documentary that highlights the struggles of addiction. This is a 29 minute film that features local professionals in this field as well as community members with lived experience. After the video, we will host a Q+A session to field any questions that may arise. Ultimately, our hope is that showing this video far and wide will act as a good first step towards humanizing addiction on a societal level. We are planning on holding two showings on June 24th – one from 12-1:30pm and one from 6-7:30pm. To register and for more information, please click here to be directed to the Virtual Community Event to Focus on Opioid Addiction.