Health & Human Services


220 N. Spruce Street
Gunnison, CO 81230


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Reynolds, Joni Assistant County Manager for Health and Human Services 970-641-7940  
Akerlund, Ashley Public Health Nurse II 970-641-7912  
Akesson, Sebastian Economic Security Specialist 970-641-7946  
Burton, Mayte Health Educator/Navigator 970-641-3244  
Athey, Lana ECC Coordinator 970-641-4667  
Gray, Shonna Clinical Services Manager    
Burgess, Blair Administrative Services Supervisor 970-641-7945  
Chavez, Jenn Consumer Protection Specialist 970-642-4663  
Fernandez, Itzel Administrative Assistant III    
Savini, Michele PHNII - Child Care Health Consultant 970-641-3244  
Coop, Beth WIC Educator 970-641-3244  
Donheiser, Ray Eligibility Technician 970-641-3244  
Halligan, Evan Eligibility Technician 970-641-3244  
Palacio, Darian Case Management Aide 970-641-3244  
Gage, Brian Economic Security Services Supervisor 970-641-7948  
Griego, Jacob Caseworker I 970-641-7951  
Molina Saenz, Cynthia Multicultural Resources Coordinator 970-641-7999  
Harrison, Susan WIC Dietician 970-641-7911  
Hernandez Ros, Rosa Health Educator/Navigator 970-641-3244  
Holena, Betsy Wellness/Enforcement Services Manager 970-642-4665  
Howard, Geri Senior Resources Specialist 970-642-4664  
Jaeger, Corrine ECC Quality Improvement Coach    
Kunes, Mary Public Health Nurse II 970-641-3244  
Tucker, Tyler Eligibility Technician 970-641-3244  
Jones, Reiley Health Coalition Coordinator 970-641-3244  
McNamara, Kimberly Family Child Care Home and Resource Navigator 970-641-3244  
Chanco Arias, Migeeli PAT Educator 970-641-7908  
Meyer, Amelia Public Health Nurse II Family Planning 970-641-3244  
Middlekauff, Criss Administrative Assistant III - HHS 970-641-3244  
Edwards, Emily Eligibility Technician 970-641-3244  
Oliver, Melissa Public Health Nurse II 970-641-3244  
Ramos, Maryli Administrative Assistant III 970-641-3244  
Otero, Stephen Veteran Services Officer    
Pennington, Andrea Long Term Care Outreach Coordinator 970-641-7984  
Rascon, Laura Family Services Supervisor 970-641-7942  
Rascon, Selenia Caseworker III 970-641-7674  
Edwards, Emily Eligibility Technician    
Ryan, Erin APS/Sr Resources Specialist 970-641-7604  
Smejkal, Cheryl CCAP Coordinator 970-641-3244  
Sparks, April Caseworker III 970-641-7644  
Stone, Nicole Consumer Protection Specialist 970-641-3244  
Stoerkel, Erika WCPHP Grants Coordinator 970-641-3244  
Meyer, Amelia Public Health Nurse II 970-641-3244  
Tucker, Shelley Child Support Specialist 970-641-7944  
Wacker, Margaret Community Health Manager 970-641-7913  
Wheaton, Bradford Health and Human Services Deputy Director 970-641-7939