Do I have to get fingerprinted?
Yes, you will have to get fingerprinted. After you have turned in your permit application, arrangements will be made for you to come in and have your fingerprints taken.

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1. Who is eligible?
2. What type of handgun training is required?
3. What is Reciprocity with CHP?
4. How much does the permit cost?
5. What type of payment is accepted?
6. Where do I have my signature on the application witnessed?
7. Do I have to get fingerprinted?
8. Do I need to have my picture taken?
9. How long is the permit good for?
10. What if I move?
11. What happens if my permit is lost / stolen / damaged?
12. I am a resident of the State of Colorado, yet I have a permit from another state, is my permit good in the State of Colorado?
13. Where can I get more questions answered before or after I have my permit?