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Event Risk Mitigation Application

  1. COVID-19 Event Risk Mitigation Application

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  4. Section I: General Event Information

  5. Are there multiple Event Planners?*

  6. On each line enter a single event date and time it will be active. Missing information could delay the review process.

  7. Type of Event (select all that apply)

  8. Will Vendors be present?*

  9. Section II: Required for all Events

    In accordance with public health orders and at the discretion of the public health director, all categories in this section require a response and/or selection for submission. Provide as much detail as possible for an efficient event review.

  10. Event Location(s)

    Provide the address(es) and square footage for each location below. If addresses are the same, write “same.”

  11. Maximum Attendee Allowance

    The maximum attendance for events can be found in the Event Information and Resources document. With the square footage for each event area, use the State’s Social Distancing Calculator (URL and hyperlink provided in the Event Information and Resources document) to determine the maximum attendance for each location.

  12. If requesting more attendees than the maximum attendee allowable, it will require Health and Human Services and/or law enforcement agency approval. The approved attendance maximum cannot be exceeded during the event.

  13. Social & Physical Distancing*

    The event planner(s) is responsible to coordinate who will enforce social and physical distancing throughout the event and communicate with vendors, venue operators, and staff/volunteers. Please select the social and physical distancing parameters that will be applied to this event:

  14. Face Coverings / Masks*

    Face coverings are required to be worn per Gunnison County’s Tenth Amended Public Health Order. The event planner(s) is responsible to ensure an adequate supply of face coverings are available to attendees. Individuals unable to wear a mask should be offered remote participation. Please select how the face covering requirement will be communicated to event participants:

  15. Public Health Order Enforcement

    All events in Gunnison County must follow current state and local public health orders. The event planner(s) is responsible for enforcing current public health orders. If this event cannot operate AND abide by the public health orders, considerations should be taken regarding whether or not the event should be held. This application will be submitted to law enforcement for their review. It is strongly encouraged to collaborate with local law enforcement to help implement public health orders.

  16. Health Screening*

    On-site screening of staff and volunteers is required prior to the start of their event shift and records must be retained for at least 30 days after the last event. Screening resources can be found in the Event Information and Resources document. Screening for vendors is to be determined between vendor and the event planner(s). Screening for attendees is optional. Please select the screening protocols that will be applied to your event:

  17. Enchanced Cleaning and Disinfection*

    The event planner(s) is responsible to establish who will clean and disinfect high touch surface areas, including the restrooms, at the event. Please review the following notes regarding enhanced cleaning and disinfection:

  18. Please select who is responsible for cleaning and disinfection before, during, and after event.

  19. Event Staff*

  20. Facility/Venue Staff*

  21. Enhanced Hand Hygiene

    While hand washing is the most effective way to remove the most soils and germs from one’s hands, having hand sanitizing supplies available and easily accessible for staff, volunteers, and attendees at the event is necessary to help reduce the transmission of COVID-19. Please select how hand washing and hand sanitizing will be enhanced for each group below:

  22. Staff/Volunteers*

  23. Attendees*

  24. Isolation Area for Symptomatic Persons Unable to Leave Immediately

    No symptomatic staff, volunteer, or attendee is permitted to attend any event. If a person develops symptoms at the event and is unable to leave immediately an area must be designated for this situation and a Containment Protocol that includes the following directives be followed:

  25. Signage*

    The event planner(s) is responsible to effectively communicate public health practices and orders to staff, volunteers, and event attendees. Please select the signage that will be provided at the event:

  26. Event Activities

    Please note that certain activities are not permitted due to an increased risk of COVID-19 transmission, a list of prohibited activities can be found in the Event Information and Resources document. If activities are not included with this application and occur with notification to law enforcement, the event planner(s) is responsible for operating outside of the approved event plan.

  27. Ventilation Assessment

    Use the Interim Ventilation Guidance document, found in the Event Information and Resources document, to assess the event venue’s ventilation system and determine areas where ventilation can be improved.

  28. Event Flow & Layout

    The Events Review Team will need to know the event flow and layout to identify and mitigate risks. If an event flow and layout diagram has been created, please provide it with your application submission. A diagram is not required but may be necessary if there is a concern of crowds, forming lines, and/or attendee numbers are high. Please review the following regarding event flow and layout:

  29. Diagram Attached?

  30. Planning for Inclement Weather

    All events should plan and prepare for unpredictable mountain weather. Inclement weather may cause issues with face coverings and the need to relocate indoors. An inclement weather plan should be developed and address reduced or compromised risk measures. Please review the following regarding inclement weather:

  31. Knowledge and Use of Sector Guidance for Gunnison County and State Guidance*

    In Gunnison County, each business industry has been required to create guidance for their sector that is followed during the pandemic. Along with county specific guidance, there is also state guidance for various sectors and industries. Please reach out to the Events Review Team if you need information and guidance resources.

  32. Section III: Best Practices for Events

    The following practices should be included into event plans. Please refer to the Events Information and Resources document regarding the following best practices. As well, the Events Review Team is available to provide additional support.

  33. Considerations for the At-Risk Community

    Supporting community members at-risk for COVID-19 is a priority in Gunnison County. Your event should include considerations to promote accessibility while reducing risks for this population.

  34. Considerations for Staff/Volunteers

    The number of staff and volunteers needed for each event varies based on event demands. However, the number of staff and/or volunteers is not to exceed maximum attendee allowance. To mitigate risks, event planners should consider only critical staff and volunteers needed for the event.

  35. Considerations for High Touch Surface Areas

    Limit contact points or surface areas for staff, volunteers, and attendees; high touch surface areas should be assessed for all events. Please review the following regarding high touch surface areas:

  36. Section IV: Application Completion*

    By electronically signing and submitting this form as the event planner(s), business, and/or organization holding this event you acknowledge responsibility for implementing the public health practices as required per the Tenth Amended Gunnison County Public Health Order and other standing orders that are necessary for every event. If these agreed practices are discovered to be absent or not in practice during the event by law enforcement, the process for non-compliance will be pursued and could include cease and desist orders and subsequent fines. Please check the box below to acknowledge agreement:

  37. The COVID-19 Event Risk Mitigation Application will be submitted to Gunnison County Health and Human Services Events Review Team and applicable law enforcement agencies. An initial review can take approximately up to 10 business days.

  38. Any follow-up questions or clarifications needed for this plan will be communicated through email. To prevent emails going to spam, please add the Events Review Team email address to your contacts:

  39. Please keep in mind that follow-up questions and clarification will take additional time. This plan requires that permits be obtained by the event date; processes should be underway when submitting this plan.

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