About the Historic Preservation Commission

The Gunnison County Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) was formed in 1993 by the Gunnison County Commissioners. The volunteer board is charged with the identification and nomination of historic landmarks to be placed on Gunnison County’s Register of Historic Landmarks.

The mission of the Historic Preservation Commission is to provide historical, cultural and architectural landmark identification and nomination services to Gunnison County Board of County Commissioners so it can evaluate landmarks for inclusion on the Gunnison County Register of Historic Landmarks.

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  • Elinda Card
    First appointed: January 1998
    Term expires: September 2022
  • Larry McDonald
    First appointed: January 2019
    Term expires: January 2022
  • Kathleen Curry
    First appointed: August 2020
    Term expires: August 2023
  • LeeAnn Mick
    First appointed: February 2007
    Term expires: February 2021
  • David Primus
    First appointed: February 2015
    Term expires: February 2021
  • Jody Reeser
    First appointed: February 2010
    Term expires: February 2022