Therapeutic Youth Foster Home

The Need

Our program is seeking out individuals or couples who have a passion for working with older children and teens. We are especially in need of a home willing to take teens who are also involved in the juvenile diversion or probation program. We need individuals or families who have experience working with teens that need guidance and structure.

We are seeking out people who would be interested in working with teens on independent living skills, helping them complete their probation goals and learning job skills.


The Gunnison County Foster Care Program is hoping to license one or two families to be Therapeutic Youth Foster Homes. The commitment would be long-term - most placements would be for one year at a time. Training hours required for this home would be extensive in order to prepare the family to deal effectively with many types of situations. The foster parent(s) would participate in Family Engagement Meetings, court hearings, and be considered a part of the treatment team.


Compensation for this role begins at around $1,500 per month and may be augmented based on the level of need of the youth in question. All mileage to case related travel would be reimbursed and additional expenses for the need of the youth would be covered out of our Kids in Care Fund.

The process begins with an orientation to the program.