Accomplishments / Achievements

View the following accomplishments and achievements:

  • May 7, 1991: Approved a contract with the Colorado Office of Energy Conservation to use $75,000 for the purchase of recycling equipment and for recycling education. The money was intended to replace an existing program managed by Western Recycling.
  • March 3, 1992: Opening ceremony for the Gunnison County Recycling Program.
  • 1999: Energy improvements totaling $215,675 were made at the following facilities using a performance contract:
Airport OutbuildingsLighting retrofits and upgrades$2,078
Airport TerminalBuilding Automation Systems (BAS) / Direct Digital Controls (DDC) controls, office cooling, boiler replacement, lighting retrofits and upgrades$81,894
County CourthouseBAS/DDC controls, evaporative cooling, and lighting retrofits and upgrades$82,765
Family Services CenterOutdoor lighting poles and commissioning$20,983
Library 1Lighting retrofits and upgrades$5,213
Mountain View Apartments    Lighting retrofits and upgrades$4,620
Multipurpose BuildingLighting retrofits and upgrades$18,122
  • 2000: Energy improvements totaling $840,730 were made at the Blackstock Government Center using a performance contract:
Blackstock Government CenterTemperature controls, mechanical, sheet metal, electrical, and windows$840,730
  • October 17, 2006: Joined International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) (Local Governments for Sustainability) to participate in the Cities for Climate Protection Campaign including:
    • Conducting a greenhouse gas emissions inventory
    • Develop an action plan to meet a local reduction target
    • Implement the action plan
    • Monitor and report progress
  • 2007: On April 1, 2008, The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) was presented with the following recycling awards for Gunnison County in 2007:
    • The Colorado Outstanding Community in Recycling Efforts in 2007, awarded by the Colorado Association for Recycling.
    • Certificate of Recognition for Recycling Excellence from Mid-America Recycling at the end of 2007. During 2007, the county shipped:
      • 158.59 tons of amber glass
      • 92.12 tons of clear and green glass
      • 1,093.66 tons of aluminum, tin, and plastic
      • 978.8 tons of paper
      • The total estimated resources conserved by these efforts equates to:
        • 16,640 trees
        • 6,851,586 gallons of water
        • 58,728 pounds of air pollution
        • 4,013,072 kilowatt hours of electricity
        • 3,230 cubic yards of landfill space
  • May 6, 2008: Received a Colorado Heritage Planning Grant for $12,850 to coordinate a valley-wide action plan in cooperation with the Office for Resource Efficiency.
  • May 20, 2008: Adoption of the BOCC Strategic Plan, which includes the following strategic results:
    • By 20XX, Gunnison County will meet or exceed the energy efficiency goals and timelines established by the permanent Energy Efficiency Committee.
    • By 2012, Gunnison County will reduce overall emissions from county fleet vehicles by 10%.
    • By 2012, Gunnison County will achieve an overall net efficiency increase of 10% in county buildings.
  • July 10, 2008: Gunnison County joined the Energy Star Challenge to improve the energy efficiency of county buildings by 10% or more.
  • December 2008: Purchased three new gas efficient fleet vehicles (including a Toyota Highlander, Chevrolet Impala, and Toyota Corolla) to substitute for trips previously taken in a gas inefficient Chevrolet Suburban.
  • March 25, 2009: Countywide "Green Team" established to:
    • Reviewing internal county operations for compliance with and/or furthering the county's environmental goals while ensuring that such compliance is fiscally sound and prudent
    • Evaluating the impact of policies on the green goals of the county
    • Creating a sense of commitment and common understanding of green actions among all levels of employees
  • April 1, 2009: Completed energy consumption inventory using the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) EnergyStar Portfolio Manager for 2005 through current. The inventory will be maintained monthly.
  • May 14, 2009: Completed a feasibility study for energy performance contracting for 20 county facilities with the assistance of the governor's Energy Office.
  • August 7, 2009: Signed a contract for a technical energy audit and project proposal from Ennovate Corporation to complete a third round of energy performance contracts.
  • September 1, 2009: Approved inclusion of a clean energy financing options ballot initiative in the November 3, 2009 election.
  • September 1, 2009: Approved a pilot project of $900 to replace 15- 1,500 watt space heaters in use at the county with 100 watt infrared heaters.
  • May 18, 2010: Completed the countywide Technical Energy Audit Report.
  • July 20, 1010: Entered into a contract with Ennovate Corporation (PDF) to install $1,168,919 in energy improvements to 15 county owned buildings.
  • December, 2010: Completed construction of an experimental solar collector at the Doyleville Shop with costs totaling $1,759.02.
  • December 14, 2010: Received BOCC approval to install a energy efficiency sunroom on the 4-H building during 2011. Estimated costs are $4,500.
  • December 14, 2010: Received BOCC approval to fund Green Team initiatives up to $2,000 possibly to purchase recycling receptacles, loaner bicycles, fleece curtains, incentive payments, etc.
  • January 4, 2011: Launched a new program called "Monthly Green Challenges" to promote action and awareness of various environmental topics for county employees during 2011. Each month will have a distinct topic to focus on, with participants becoming eligible for a $50 incentive drawing.
  • December 2011: Completed the Measurement and Verification Report for the 2010 Energy Performance Contract. Year 1 savings equated to $51,142, estimated to save the county $1,011,778 over the next 20 years in utility, operation, and maintenance costs. This is equivalent to 300 tons per year reduction in CO2 emissions as a result of this project and a 14.9% reduction from the pre-retrofit CO2 emissions.
  • February 2012: Acquired four bicycles from the City of Gunnison to repair for use in a bicycle library. The bicycles will be used to move between county facilities in lieu of driving.
  • March 2012: Completed the installation of 321.2 square foot of solar panels on the new fairgrounds restrooms, producing 71.27 Kilo British Thermal Units (kBtu) / hour. These panels are estimated to offset 57.4% of the annual energy requirements for heating and domestic hot water.
  • May 11, 2012: Numerous recycle bins were placed throughout county facilities to replace old, difficult to understand receptacles. "Think before you throw" signage has been placed near trash bins to encourage recycling efforts.
  • May 18, 2012: First annual county employee bike to work day.
  • May 18, 2012: Launch of the Gunnison County Bicycle Library Program. Four old bikes were refurbished as "green machines" for employee use during the work day. One bike will be located at the courthouse, Blackstock's, O'Leary, and the Public Safety Center. Bikes are only available for employee use. An agreement (PDF) must first be signed, agreeing that basic traffic laws will be obeyed, the bikes are locked when not in use, and the bike will be returned to its home building.
  • June 4, 2013: The revised Gunnison County Strategic Plan included a result stating, "In each year from 2013 through 2017, Gunnison County will achieve an overall net energy efficiency increase of 10% in one county facility from baseline consumption in 2012." The first building identified was the County's Blackstock Government Center, with measurement to begin January 1, 2014.
  • August 2013: Installed a vestibule in the Gunnison Public Library to reduce cold air infiltration during winter months.