Utility Services


The purpose of the Utility Services Program is to provide treated drinking water to users of the Dos Rios Water Division and the Antelope Hills Water Division, and to provide sanitary sewer collection services to the Dos Rios, Antelope Hills, North Gunnison and Somerset Sanitation Districts so that the residents served can continue to enjoy and depend on safe drinking water and dependable sanitary sewer service.


It is the function of the Department to coordinate all activities between the treatment, distribution and collection systems. This department is responsible for providing the necessary training and safety equipment and tools that are essential for the employees to do their jobs.

This department also budgets for work that needs to be done on the Water Treatment facility, which serves as the office area/work center for all utility systems.

Online Payments

You are able to pay your sewer or water billing online.

Sewer Rules and Regulations

2023 Construction Standards

2023 Rules and Regulations

Annual Gunnison County WSD Drinking Water Quality Reports

The Annual Drinking Water Report as required by the State of Colorado is now available for the Dos Rios Water District. A copy is also posted at the Gunnison County Public Works Office at 195 Basin Park Drive, Gunnison, CO. Use the links below to view the current and previous reports.

Most Recent Report (PDF) | View All Reports

Dos Rios Water

The function of this department is to treat the water and maintain and improve the distribution system of the Dos Rios Water System.

Dos Rios Sewer

The function of this department is to maintain and improve the Dos Rios Sewer collection system.

North Gunnison Sewer

The function of this department is the extension of an interceptor sewer north of the City of Gunnison and the subsequent collection of wastewater.

Antelope Hills Sewer

The function of this department is maintenance and improvements to the collection system and lift station. This department also manages any system extensions.

Somerset Sewer

The function of this department is to maintain the sewer system in the Town of Somerset, which serves 23 homes.