Map Costs & Gallery

Printed Map Costs

Size (inches)First Copy ($)
8.5 by 11 (not plotter)$.25
11 by 17 (not plotter)$.25
17 by 22$3.00
24 by 36$6.00
36 by 36$9.00
36 by 48$12.00
Larger$1.00 per square foot

Other Prices

  • Custom work, limited to available staff time: $60.00 per hour or $1.00 per minute with a $5.00 minimum
  • Aerial imagery - Due to the large file sizes, especially for the 2012 data (1 GB/DOQQQ), the data requester must provide the DOQQQs desired (use this sample format: 3710601_ne_1) and provide an external drive. The GIS department will then transfer the data during times when it does not adversely affect computer performance for other work. Cost is same as custom work above.
  • CD or DVD of data = $5.00
  • Shipping charge: at cost, plus $10.00 handling charge
  • Website: free


The following Maps are in PDF format and can be downloaded free of charge. Most of the maps were created at a page size of 36 by 36 inch, and can be printed in our office upon request. Note that many of the maps below are in need of updating, which we intend to do after we complete other priorities.

Subdivision Maps