Taxing Districts and Authorities

District Information

Every property is located within one of several taxing districts. View the district map (PDF) for more detail. Each taxing district is comprised of several Taxing Authorities. (Note: This distinction can be confusing, because the Taxing Authorities sometimes have the word "district" in their title - for example, the Crested Butte Fire Protection District.) View the 2022 Abstract of Assessments (PDF) and the 2022 mill levies compared to 2021 (PDF) spreadsheet for more detail.

Each taxing authority establishes a mill levy for their operations, which is reflected on your property tax bill, and in your property record. Some taxing authorities such as Gunnison County, provide service to all properties in the county, and are therefore in every taxing district in the county. Other taxing authorities, such as the Ragged Mountain Fire District, only provide service to properties within a certain geographical area, and consequently only affect one or a few taxing districts.

Tax Notes

  • The Assessor’s Office does not set any tax levy or establish any mill rate.
  • All school property tax is established and levied by the school district boards.
  • All county property tax is established and levied by the County Commissioners.
  • All city and town property tax is established and levied by city and town councils.
  • All water, sanitation, fire protection, metropolitan, and miscellaneous district property taxes are established and levied by their respective boards.

Identify Your Tax District

To identify which tax district your property is located within, view the district map (PDF). To determine which taxing districts affect your property, pull up your property record in the Property Record Search. Click on your account number to link to your property record card and look for the Tax District number on the top right side of the page. This number represents the group of taxing districts that provide service to your property and that levy tax against your property. To cross reference the Tax District number with the individual tax districts, refer to this mill levy spreadsheet (PDF). For more information about the tax authorities budget and budget process, please contact your Gunnison County Taxing Authorities (PDF).