About Emergency Management


The mission of the Emergency Management Department is to provide comprehensive emergency management services to Gunnison County agencies, first responders and citizens so they have the necessary tools, information and assistance to develop and implement effective mitigation, preparedness activities, and response and recovery plans. 

The Emergency Management Department regularly updates and exercises the County Emergency Operations Plan, utilizing an all-hazards approach in preparing for emergencies and/or disasters. This includes maintenance of the communications plan, ensuring complete interoperability between all agencies during an incident. 

The department also provides training, exercises, and mitigation plans in preparation for and response to emergencies; maintains resource lists for use during an emergency, identifying and allocating resources from local, State and private sources; facilitates Mutual Aid Agreements and Intergovernmental Agreements between agencies and/or jurisdictions, both within Gunnison County and on a regional basis; and locates, writes and manages appropriate grants.