Health Coalition of the Gunnison Valley

The Health Coalition of the Gunnison Valley is a collaborative community effort, with partners ranging from XXXXXX that aims to bolster community health and wellness efforts in the Gunnison Valley. The three sub-groups (health and wellness, basic needs, and positive youth development) meet regularly to determine action steps that can be taken to address any relevant gaps associated with each group. To get involved and learn more, continue reading below.

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Rural Communities Opiod Response Program

In the summer of 2019, the Rural Communities Opioid Response Program (RCORP) was created as part of a planning grant which began as a collaborative effort between Gunnison County, The Center for Mental Health, Western Colorado University, and the Health Coalition of the Gunnison Valley. These organizations applied for and received funds for the Rural Communities Opioid Response Program planning grant.

Since then, 30 individuals and organizations have joined together to make up a consortium with the goal of addressing needs and gaps in opioid use disorder prevention, treatment, and recovery in the Gunnison Valley. It is important to note that although the focus of the grant is on opioid use disorder, this group is approaching the issue from a poly-substance lens. To get involved or learn more about the consortium's sub-groups, review the tabs above for each area.

Understanding Addiction

When conducting our Environmental scan and gaps analysis, one of the major gaps we identified was the stigma associated with addiction, and how that stigma often acts as an insurmountable barrier for those seeking treatment. This video, featuring community members and professionals, is an effort to start the conversation and change the narrative on addiction.