Floodplain Information

Flooding in Gunnison County

Gunnison County typically experiences riverine flooding caused by rapid snowmelt and rain storms. The most severe flooding is created by the combination of rapid snow melt and rain storms. During the winter months, ice jams can also cause flooding, typically in the northwestern part of the county. For more information about flooding in Gunnison County, view the Flood Insurance Study of Gunnison County and Incorporated Areas for detailed information.

Floodplain Benefits and Functions

Natural floodplains provide risk reduction benefits and serve natural functions on our lands. Floodplains slow runoff, store flood waters, reduce flood velocities, promote aquifer recharge, and provide numerous economic, natural, and social benefits. Floodplains often contain wetlands and other important ecological areas. Visit the Green Guide from the Association of State Floodplain Managers for more information about the benefits of floodplains.

Are you Prepared for Flooding?

In the event of a flood are you and your family adequately prepared? Visit Gunnison County's Emergency Management Page for flood and flood preparedness information. You can also sign up for emergency phone notifications through Gunnison Regional Alerts by clicking the link and following the sign up instructions.  

Additionally, visit https://www.ready.gov/floods for details about how to prepare before and stay safe during and after the flood. Also check out their Be Prepared for a Flood Information Sheet and FEMA's brochure to Protect Your Property From Flooding.