Civil Process


The Gunnison County Sheriff’s Office can only serve civil papers within the Jurisdiction of Gunnison County. You will need to bring or mail the papers to our office at the address listed below, along with your payment. Fees are also listed below. If you need to have the papers served in another county, you must contact that county’s Sheriff’s Office or a private process server in that county.


Please provide a cover sheet or fill out our attached cover sheet (below), including your return information, the name of whom is to be served (person, business, registered agent, etc.), the physical home and/or work address of whom is to be served, phone number(s), kind of paperwork to be served (i.e. summons, subpoena, etc.), description of person being served and best time for service as well as the upfront service fee (see fee schedule for prices). If you do not have a physical address for the person you need to be served, we will not be able to serve your papers. The Sheriff’s Office does not serve papers to Post Office Boxes. The paperwork must be recorded with the Court where the initial paperwork was issued. This filing is the responsibility of the person requesting the Service; the Gunnison County Sheriff’s Office does not file this paperwork for you.

Download the Civil Process Cover Sheet.

Please Remember

If your Service request is for a case originating outside the state of Colorado, please include any relevant Civil Service rules and/or statutes required for "Good Service" in your state or jurisdiction.

There is NO Guarantee that your papers will be served in the time allotted. Received documents are processed and sent out for Service as quickly as workload and staff resources allow. All documents are treated with due diligence.

Although this office is prohibited from giving legal advice, we will try to provide all possible assistance.

Mailing Address
Gunnison County Sheriff’s Office
510 Bidwell Avenue
Gunnison, CO 81230

Phone: (970) 641-1113
Fax: (970) 641-7649

Office Hours

Please feel free to contact our office with any questions/concerns you may have.

We are open Monday through Friday (Closed on legal Holidays) 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time


Gunnison County Sheriff’s office Service fees are set by Colorado State Statute C.R.S. 30-1-104.The mileage charge is $0.54 per mile from the sheriff’s office in Gunnison to the given address. The fees below are require in advance for serving your papers and do not include the additional mileage charge.

**Costs below include payment for the first Mile, Notary and Return of Service

Service Type
All other papers$25.58
Additional Mileage$0.58 per mile
Additional Papers Served to the same address$10.00 per person
Papers Unable to Serve$5.00-plus mileage

** The fees for Governmental agencies may vary; please contact our office to get the appropriate amount.