Position Statements

10/18/2005Position Statement (PDF): Protection and Development of Water Resources in Gunnison County and the Gunnison River Basin
10/17/2006Resolution Number 2006-69 (PDF); Regarding Gunnison County's Participation in the Cities for Climate Protection Campaign
11/7/2006Resolution Number 2006-71 (PDF); Protecting Colorado's Air from Oil and Gas Production Emissions
9/18/2007Resolution Number 2007-32 (PDF); Supporting Collaboration among Governmental Agencies in the Valley in Promoting Public Awareness via Education and Outreach to Reduce Energy Consumption Thereby Increasing Quality of Life, Environmental and Economic Benefits to the Citizens of the Gunnison Valley
9/18/2018Resolution Number 2018-35 (PDF); Opposing Amendment 74 and Proposition 112 Seeking Voter Approval to Artificially Impose Universal Oil and Gas Setbacks and Dramatically Expand Taking Law to the Detriment of Local Governments and Proper Land Use Planning and Regulation