Administration and Operations

Chapter 1 - Administration and Operations

1.1 - County Policies1.1.1 (PDF) - Gunnison County Policy Format, Review Timeframes, and Adoption/Revision/Rescission ProceduresN/A
1.2 - Operations1.2.1 - Administration1.2.1.1 (PDF) - Establishment of the County Manager Position (PDF) - Authority of County Manager to Execute Contracts Gunnison County Financial (PDF) (PDF) - Reporting for Separately Controlled Bank Accounts
N/A1.2.2 - Airport1.2.2.4 (PDF) - Airport Air Service Incentive Policy
N/A1.2.3 - Clerk & Recorder1.2.3.1 (PDF) - Precinct Boundaries for Partisan Elections (PDF) - Hotel and Restaurant Licensing
N/A1.2.4 - Emergency Management1.2.4.2 (PDF) - Ambulance Licensing Regulations (PDF) - Service Plan for the North Fork Ambulance Health Service District (PDF) - Emergency and Disaster Management Procedures (PDF) - Emergency Operations Plan (PDF) - Disaster Recovery Plan
N/A1.2.5 - Fire Protection1. (PDF) - Ragged Mountain Fire Protection District
N/A1.2.6 - Health & Human ServicesN/A
N/A1.2.7 - Information Technology1.2.7.1 - Bring Your Own Device - Fixed Asset Inventory (PDF) - Departmental Social Media (PDF) - Personal Social Media
N/A1.2.8 - Law Enforcement1. (PDF) - Control and Licensing of Dogs in Unincorporated Gunnison County
Related to Section 1.2.8:
5.2.3 (PDF) - Allowances, Restrictions and Responsibilities Regarding Animals in County Facilities and on County Grounds (PDF) - Removal and Sale of Snowmobiles / Grooming Machines Abandoned on Kebler Pass (PDF) - Disposition of Certain Abandoned Snowmobiles
N/A1.2.9 - Miscellaneous1.2.9.3 (PDF) - Standard Hours of Operation
N/A1.2.10 (PDF) - PurchasingN/A
N/A1.2.11 - Records Requests and Retention1.2.11.1 (PDF) - Handling Requests for Public (Open) Records (PDF) - Assessor’s Office (PDF) - Public Trustee’s Office (PDF) - Treasurer’s Office (PDF) - Personal Data Privacy