Land Use, Energy & Environment

Chapter 6 - Land Use, Energy & Environment

6.1 (PDF) - Gunnison County Land Use ResolutionN/AN/A
6.2 - Building Codes6.2.1 - Gunnison County Building CodeN/A
N/A6.2.2 - Adoption of the 2015 Editions of the "International Building Code", the "International Residential Code", the "International Mechanical Code", "International Fuel Gas Code" and the "International Energy Conservation Code", with AmendmentsN/A

6.2.3 - Uniform Building CodeN/A
6.3 - Energy and Environment6.3.1 - Air PollutionN/A
N/A6.3.2 - Cities for Climate Protection CampaignN/A
N/A6.3.3 - Energy CodeN/A
N/A6.3.4 - Water ProtectionN/A
6.4 - Individual Sewage Disposal Systems / Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems6.4.1 (PDF) - Gunnison County, Colorado Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Regulations6.4.1.1 (PDF) - Amendment of the Gunnison County Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Regulations, Specifically Article 19: Crested Butte Watershed OWTS District (PDF) - Individual Sewage Disposal Systems on Less Than One-Acre Sites
6.5 - Miscellaneous6.5.1 - Adult-oriented EstablishmentsN/A
N/A6.5.2 - Alcoholic Beverage Tastings
N/A6.5.3 - CB South Exemption of Duplex Dwelling Units
N/A6.5.4 - Crystal RiverN/A
N/A6.5.5 - Earthmoving Site Revegetation and Noxious Weed ControlN/A
N/A6.5.6 - Hotel and Restaurant StandardsN/A
N/A6.5.7 - Marijuana Cultivation, Manufacturing, Testing or Retail Stores
N/A6.5.8 - Parcels of LandN/A
N/A6.5.9 - Plumbing CodeN/A
N/A6.5.10 - Property RightsN/A
N/A6.5.11 - SkylandN/A
N/A6.5.12 - Trails UsageN/A
N/A6.5.13 - Transfer of Federal Public Lands to State OwnershipN/A
N/A6.5.14 - Transportation in the Upper Gunnison ValleyN/A
6.6 - Roads and Bridges6.6.1 - Gunnison County Road and Bridge StandardsN/A
N/A6.6.2 - Cattle GuardsN/A
N/A6.6.3 - Improvement Right of WaysN/A
N/A6.6.4 - Road DevelopmentN/A
N/A6.6.5 - Tourism-oriented Directional SignageN/A
N/A6.6.6 - Washington Gulch RoadN/A
N/A6.6.7 - ATV, OHV and UTV Usage6.6.7.1 (PDF) - County Road Number 3
N/A6.6.8 - Closures6.6.8.1 (PDF) - County Road Number 317
6.7 - Special Areas and Development Projects6.7.1 (PDF) - Review of Service Plans for Proposed Special Districts
N/A6.7.2 (PDF) - Submission of Annual Reports by Special DistrictsN/A
N/A6.7.3 - Crested Butte SouthN/A
N/A6.7.4 - Matters of State InterestN/A
N/A6.7.5 - North Fork Valley Coal Resource Special Area and Mining RegulationsN/A
N/A6.7.6 - Special Development Projects and RegulationsN/A
6.8 - Wastewater Treatment6.8.1 - Domestic Water Treatment SystemsN/A
N/A6.8.2 - Wastewater Treatment SystemsN/A