If you wish to bid, but cannot be present at the time of sale, your representative must provide a document authorizing him/her to represent you or your company to bid on your behalf. Bids made by your representative must be verbally made in the name of the person or entity actually purchasing the property.


If you are appearing at the sale to bid on behalf of someone other than yourself or another entity that you do not own or control, you need to have written authorization allowing you to bid on behalf of that person or entity.

When you enter bids on behalf of someone else, you must verbally state that your bid is being entered on behalf of that other person or entity at the time the bid is made.

Why it Matters

That is required because the public trustee will strike and sell the property to the successful bidder after bidding has ceased and funds have been provided. Therefore, the public trustee must know the name of the person or entity to which the property is being sold.