Minor Impact Project

  1. Classification
  2. Forms & Applications

5,000 to 9,999 Square Feet Expansion of Commercial or Industrial Use

A 5,000 to 9,999 square feet expansion of a commercial or industrial use, existing as of the effective date of this resolution.

Aggregate Square Footage Greater Than 45% of Area

An aggregate square footage of structures that exceeds 45% of the total area of one parcel, pursuant to Section 13-105: Residential Building Sizes and Lot Coverages.

Aggregate Square Footage of 12,500 or More

An aggregate of 12,500 or more square feet of residential living area. Either one single-family residence, or any combination of a primary single-family residence, an integrated secondary residence, and / or a detached secondary residence allowed by Division 9-100: Secondary Uses and Activities on one parcel, pursuant to Section 13-105: Residential Building Sizes and Lot Coverages.

Bed & Breakfast

Bed and breakfast business, pursuant to Section 4-103: Bed and Breakfast.

Child Care Center

A child care center, pursuant to Section 9-506: Child Care Center.

Clearing of More Than 7,500 Square Feet of Land

Clearing of more than 7,500 square feet of land not related to activities permitted by a Building Permit, an ISDS Permit, or Access Permit, or an agricultural operation.

Commercial Wedding Site

The site on which weddings are regularly or frequently conducted as a commercial operation, irrespective of the number of people, or vehicles generated by the wedding event.

Construction Materials Operation Related to Construction of Public Road

Any sand, gravel, or quarry operation providing material for public road construction that will operate for less than two years.

Detached Secondary Residence Larger Than 2,500 Square Feet - Legal Lot Smaller Than 35 Acres

A detached secondary residence, larger than 2,500 square feet, on a legal lot smaller than 35 acres.

Detached Secondary Residence Larger Than 3,500 Square Feet - 35 Acres or Larger

A detached secondary residence larger than 3,500 square feet on a 35 acre or larger tract created after the effective date of this resolution.

Development Requiring Detailed Ridgeline Vantage Analysis

Any development other than a project classified as a Major Impact Project, and for which a detailed ridgeline vantage visibility analysis is required, pursuant to Section 11-108: Fax: Impact Classification.

Expansion or Extension of Snowplowing

Expansion or extension of snowplowing, pursuant to Section 11-110: Fax: Expansion or Extension of Snowplowing.

Freestanding Wireless Telecommunication Structure

Construction and siting of a freestanding wireless communication structure, building, pole, tower or antenna that provides wireless telecommunications services, pursuant to Section 9-505: Freestanding Wireless Telecommunication Structures.

General Road Cutting or Construction

Road cutting or construction, except that cutting or construction and maintenance of a road that provides access solely for an agricultural operation shall not be classified as a Minor Impact Project, and shall not require review.

Group Home

A group home, pursuant to Section 9-507: Group Home.

Integrated Secondary Residence 1,200 Square Feet or More

An integrated secondary residence 1,200 square feet or larger within a primary residence located on a legal lot smaller than 35 acres, or on any 35 acre or larger tract.

No Detached Secondary Residence Allowed

If an applicant elects to include this size integrated secondary residence within a primary residence, no detached secondary residence is allowed.

Large Parcel Incentive Process (LPIP) Project

Large Parcel Incentive Process developments, pursuant to Section 14-102: Large Parcel Incentive Process.

More Than One Secondary Residence on a Legal Lot or Tract

More than one secondary residence on a legal lot or tract, except as allowed pursuant to Section 9-101: Uses Secondary to a Primary Residence.

New Commercial, Industrial - 5,000 Square Feet or Five Acres or Less

A new commercial or industrial structure equal to or less than 5,000 square feet: or a new commercial or industrial use developed on five acres or less.

Primary Residence 10,000 Square Feet or Larger

A primary residence 10,000 square feet or larger. The residence may include an attached garage, which shall be calculated in the total square footage allowed for the residence, pursuant to Section 13-105: Residential Building Sizes and Lot Coverage.

Small or New or Expanded Mining Operation

A new, or expansion of a mining operation that operates for no more than 180 days per year, produces fewer than 10,000 tons of ore / waste per year and affects no more than two surface acres of land, pursuant to Division 9-400: Exploration, Extraction and Processing of Minerals and Construction Materials.

Subdivision Plat Vacation, Amendment, or Re-Plat

Vacation, amendment, or re-plat of a recorded subdivision plat.

Transmission Lines

Upgrade of an existing utility transmission line(s) within an existing easement(s), but not including a project for which a Land Use Change Permit has been granted in which the design, construction, and impacts of the utility line were reviewed and approved.

Two to Four Units

Two to four units that are subdivision lots, duplex units, or multiple-family residences, except as allowed pursuant to Section 9-101: D. 2: Secondary Structures and Uses Classified as Minor Impact Projects.

Water Impoundment Projects Classified as Class II Dams

New projects or facilities, or expansion of existing projects or facilities, that involve the design, construction and operation of a water impoundment that includes a dam classified by the Colorado Division of Water Resources as a Class II dam, pursuant to Section 13-118: Water Impoundments.