Administrative Review Projects

Administrative Review Projects are reviewed and acted on by staff. They generally do not require a public hearing. 

Projects that require permits and those that do not are identified in the below tabbed section.

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  1. Permit Required
  2. Permit Not Required
  3. Lot Clusters
  4. Subdivision Exemptions


The following types of projects are classified as Administrative Review Projects that require Land Use Change Permits; sections refer to sections within the Gunnison County Land Use Resolution:

Aggregate Residential 12,500 Square Feet or Less

On one parcel the aggregate square footage of structures less than 12,500 square feet. This is excluding from the calculation of horse / hay sheds less than 500 square feet, one 120 square feet storage shed, and a private greenhouse.

Residential Living Area 9,000 Square Feet or Less

9,000 or less square feet of residential living area. A one single-family residence, or any combination of a primary single-family residence, an integrated secondary residence, and / or a detached secondary residence allowed by Section 9-101: Uses Secondary to a Primary Residence.

Attached Garage(s)

A garage or garages that together are no larger than 1,000 square feet and that are attached to the primary residence.

Alteration of Approved Building Envelopes

Alterations of building envelopes on lots that were approved as an element of a Land Use Change Permit.

Boundary Line Adjustment

An application to adjust the lot line between adjacent parcels or lots in platted approved subdivisions when the adjustment is in compliance with Section 5-103: Standards for Approval of Administrative Review Projects.

Correction Plat

An application to correct a technical error in a subdivision plat that has been approved and recorded.

Expansion or Change of Commercial or Industrial Use - 5,000 Square Feet or One Acre or Less

Expansion or change of a commercial or industrial use existing as of the effective date of the Gunnison County Land Use Resolution (January 8, 2001), when the expansion will result in the use having a total size of less than 5,000 square feet of a structure, or one acre of land.

Extraction of Construction Materials

Extraction of construction materials that generates more than 300 cubic yards, per Section 9-402: C.1: Limited Construction Material Extraction.

Limited Mineral Exploration

Limited mineral exploration, activities related to proving up a patented mining claim pursuant to federal law, as addressed in Section 9-402: C.3: Limited Mineral Exploration.

Lot Clusters

An application to eliminate the lot lines separating adjacent lots that are commonly owned.

Mobile Home Not in a Mobile Home Community

A mobile home proposed to be located on an individual parcel of land not in a mobile home community, but adjacent to a subdivision whose protective covenants do not address, or expressly prohibit mobile homes within the subdivision, pursuant to Section 9-202: Individual Manufactured and Mobile Homes.

Plat for Approved Condominiums / Townhome Project

A constructed condominium or townhome project, or individual phase of a condominium or townhome project, for which a Land Use Change Permit has been approved for the overall development.

Primary Residence 10,000 Square Feet or Less - Existing Platted Subdivision

A primary residence 10,000 square feet or less, located within an existing platted subdivision. The residence may include an attached garage, which shall be calculated in the total square footage allowed for the residence.

Repair of Existing Distribution Lines

Repair of existing distribution lines located substantially within an existing utility easement.

Secondary Structures and Uses

The following secondary structures and uses, pursuant to Section 9-101: D: Secondary Structures and Uses That Require a Land Use Change Permit:

  • Detached secondary residence 2,500 square feet or smaller on legal lot: A detached secondary residence of 2,500 square feet or less, located on a legal lot smaller than 35 acres.
  • Detached secondary residence 3,500 square feet on 35 acre or larger tract: A detached secondary residence of 3,500 sq. ft. or less, located on a tract of land 35-acres or larger.
  • Horse / hay shed larger than 500 square feet on parcel one acre or larger: A horse / hay shed larger than 500 square feet, for sheltering horses or other livestock or for storing hay, on a parcel one acre or larger, that is not part of an agricultural operation.
  • Integrated secondary residence 851-1, 200 square feet on a 35 acre tract created after effective date of resolution: An integrated secondary residence 1,200 square feet or smaller in a primary residence on a 35 acre tract created after the effective date of this resolution.
  • More than one home occupation: More than one home occupation, pursuant to Section 9-102: Home Occupations.
  • Secondary structure intended only for sleeping and has no kitchen: A secondary structure without a kitchen that is to be used only for sleeping facilities. It shall comply with the requirements of the Gunnison County Individual Sewage Disposal System Regulations.

Subdivision Exemption to "Validate' an Existing Lot

Pursuant to C.R.S. 30-28-101 (10) (d)., the "validation" of a lot that existed prior to the effective date of this resolution, but did not exist before September 27, 1972 and has not been reviewed and approved by the county as a legally subdivided lot "legal lot".

Underground Mineral Exploration

An application for underground mineral exploration for operations existing as of the effective date of this resolution, as addressed in Section 9-402: D: Extension and Expansion of Current Underground Mineral Exploration Required to File Notice of Activity.