Gunnison County Library District Board of Trustees


  • Kim Sherman
    First appointed: September 2019
    Term expires: February 2027
  • David Baumgarten
    First appointed: January 2021
    Term expires: February 2026
  • Doris Kuiper
    First appointed: February 2017
    Term expires: February 2024 
  • Micah Russell                                                                   First appointed: February 2022                                 Term expires: February 2027
  • Sally Hays
    First appointed: July 2018
    Term expires: February 2023
  • Kerry Lefebvre
    First appointed: February 2018
    Term expires: February 2024
  • Pam Montgomery
    First appointed: January 2021
    Term expires: February 2026


The public library assembles, preserves, and administers collections of books and related educational and recreational materials to promote the communication of ideas and enrich personal lives.

It serves as a center of reliable information, supports the Gunnison county community, and encourages education and recreation through the use of literature, music, media, computers, and other art forms.