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  • Held as needed
  • Lasts two to three hours

Individual applications are scheduled for specific times on each agenda. If you’re interested in a specific application, you may want to call the Environmental Health Office at 970-641-5105 to confirm an agenda time and meeting date.


Environmental Health Board members are appointed by the Board of Commissioners. The board seeks to appoint people with a variety of backgrounds and from several geographic locations from around the county when appointments are made.

Board Members           Term Expiration
Lucinda Lull                  Feb. 2022
Eddy Balch                    Feb. 2022
Bill Barvitski                  Feb. 2022
Ashley Bembenek         Feb. 2022
Shea Earley                   Feb. 2023
Corey Bryndal               Feb. 2022
Lynn Cutlip                    Feb. 2022