Electrical Permits

Permits and Inspections

Gunnison County does not issue electrical permits or perform electrical inspections for electric installations Electrical permits are issued by the state, and electrical inspections are conducted by a state electrical inspector.

State Electrical Inspector

Dustin Behounek at 303-869-3451 toll free 855-470-4716
Fax- 303-869-0350 toll free 855-515-8194

State Electrical Permit On-Line:

Boards and Programs website

When an Electrical Permit is Required

A state issued electrical permit is required when installing, remodeling or making additions to existing electrical wiring, installation or repairing electrical apparatus and equipment for light, heat and power.

Colorado Electrical Board

Information about contacting the state, and securing permits online is available from the Colorado Electrical Board, including the following:

  • Homeowner Installation Guide. Instructions provided by the Colorado Electrical Board for homeowners who are performing their own electrical installations.
  • Instructions for mobile homes and manufactured homes.
  • Board will require this information before you can obtain a permit online:
    • Address of the job site
    • Cost of materials and labor for the work to be completed
    • Credit card information
    • Directions to the job site
    • Name of the power supplier
    • Square footage of the living space to be wired