Manufactured Homes

Gunnison County allows a landowner to place a manufactured home on an individual parcel in Gunnison County. The Manufactured Housing Institute has reviewed these regulations and determined that they are in compliance with federal requirements, and do not place unreasonable or unfair restrictions on these kinds of homes.


A "manufactured home" is defined as "a single family residence" that:

  • Is partially or entirely manufactured in a factory
  • Is not less than 24 feet in width and 36 feet in length
  • Is installed on an engineered permanent foundation
  • Has brick, wood, or cosmetically equivalent exterior siding and a pitched roof
  • Is certified pursuant to the "National Manufactured Standards Act of 1974," 42 U.S.C. 5401 et. seq. as amended

Permit applications are available on the Community Development Department website or copies can be mailed or picked up at Community and Economic Development Department.