Grading & Reclamation

Reclamation Permit

Gunnison County  requires that you obtain a Reclamation Permit (PDF) from the Gunnison County Public Works Department before you do any grading, digging, road and driveway cutting and construction, berm construction, or clearing of land. Contact Gunnison County Public Works at 970-641-0044.

Reclamation related to mining operations is subject to the requirements of the Colorado Division of Reclamation, Mining and Safety.


 The following uses are exempt from having to obtain a Reclamation Permit: Agricultural operations: Agricultural operations, as defined within this resolution.

  • Areas of disturbance smaller than 10,000 square feet: Unless the parcel is located in Sage-grouse habitat.
  • Areas recommended by weed specialist: Areas that are defined and recommended by the Gunnison weed specialist, as may be designated from time to time by the board.
  • Recorded subdivisions with applicable protective covenants: In platted, recorded subdivisions approved by the county for which there are recorded protective covenants that require reclamation that meets or exceeds the standards of this Section. Determination of that compliance shall be made by the Gunnison County Public Works Department.


Uses that require a Reclamation Permit, which is required for development that requires a Land Use Change Permit, including the following:

  • Building a structure: Construction of a structure that is required to obtain a Building Permit.
  • Cuts and fills greater than eight feet: If cuts and fills that measure eight feet or greater from the finished grade are to be used as part of a construction project that is not otherwise required by the Land Use Resolution to obtain a permit, a Reclamation Permit shall be required.
  • Driveway construction: Any driveway construction that requires a Gunnison County Access Permit, or a Colorado Division of Highways Access Permit.
  • Installation of a new or replacement / repair of an existing on-site wastewater treatment system (OWTS.) requires an OWTS Permit.  

Grading & Erosion Requirements

 As part of the reclamation process, an applicant is required to comply with the Gunnison County Land Use Resolution Section 13-116: Grading and Erosion Control.